prediction API

The prediction API provides an ai-powered sorting of multi-dimensional data. As a first request, you define a set of rules describing the structure of your data (e.g. numerical or textual). Then, you can send the data in form of a JSON-list. As a return value, you obtain the sorted list, predicting the matching quota.

This API can be used for a various multi-dimensional problems, such as finding the optimal candidate for a job or the perfect product for a customer.

Available packages*

Basic|1.000 requests|50 Euro(0.05/request)
Starter|10.000 requests|400 Euro(0.04/request)
Growth|42.000 requests|1.300 Euro(0.03/request)
Standard|100.000 requests|2.500 Euro(0.025/request)
Large|420.000 requests|6.000 Euro(0.015/request)
Premium|1.000.000 requests|10.000 Euro(0.01/request)
* net prices per month

recommendation API

The recommendation API finds nearest neighbors on a multi-dimensional data mesh. On the one hand, you can add data to your mesh (e.g. by sending usage data of your website). On the other hand, you can request the nearest neighbor for a certain data profile (e.g. to recommend sub-pages to a user).

This API solves multi-dimensional problems such as product or media recommendations, providing highly individualized consumer predictions. Currently, the recommendation API is not part of the SDK - get in touch for more information.

Available packages*

Basic|1.000 requests|70 Euro(0.07/request)
Starter|10.000 requests|600 Euro(0.06/request)
Growth|42.000 requests|2.100 Euro(0.05/request)
Standard|100.000 requests|4.000 Euro(0.04/request)
Large|420.000 requests|12.600 Euro(0.03/request)
Premium|1.000.000 requests|20.000 Euro(0.02/request)
* net prices per month