What is danube.ai?
danube.ai is a prediction engine superior to existing solutions for little data.
How much better is danube.ai?
danube.ai performs more than 20% better than classical AI algorithms in the range of little data.
What are little data, can I use danube.ai for my application?
The definition of 'little' depends on the field of your data. Generally, data are not 'Big' when you cannot create a meaningful statistics out of them. That means (a) you are in the range where individual data sets are important (b) there are approximately less or equal data sets as categories in your data. Get in touch if you want to find out if your data problem can be solved by danube.ai.
What is the pricing model of danube.ai?
Pricing is based on the number of your API requests per month (see details). The applied pricing model depends on the used API and the usage model, Cloud or On Premises.
What is the danube.ai prediction API?
The Prediction API can be used to determine matching values for data sets. With this API you can sort products, users, or any other data and predict a highly individualized matching value for your application.
What is the danube.ai recommendation API?
The Recommendation API can be used to get weighted recommendations based on collected usage statistics. The API builds a correlation matrix from all data of your previous requests and returns recommendations for every new request of an active user session. With this API you obtain highly individualized user recommendations.


How does it work?
danube.ai is a self-feedback simulation algorithm that determines the relevance of data features by a purely local approach. To that end, danube.ai calculates the individual 'strength' of each data set.
Is danube.ai based on machine learning?
No, danube.ai uses a completely new approach and has little to do with machine learning. Mathematically speaking, danube.ai is a multi-dimensional sorting algorithm.
Wait, then danube.ai is not artificial intelligence (AI)?
Depends on how you define AI. danube.ai is an algorithm to predict user behavior, recruiting processes and even sports events. So, it is an intelligent prediction technology not unlike classical, machine-learning-based AI.