Recruiting Demo helps you to find the right candidate

What's this demo about?
Selecting the right person for a job opening is a difficult task. In this demo, we show you how can help to find the optimal candidate for a (virtual) office position (the candidate names and properties are random). With the sliders and dropdowns you can tell the ai which properties and skills are important for you.
By pressing 'danubify' you can activate the ai returning a sorted list of candidates with weighted matching values.
How does the ai work for this demo?
Candidates with important skills for you have a higher influence on the results than weaker ones. Simply put, values all skills of strong candidates (not only those you specified). In the next step, our ai algorithm compares the properties of every candidate with all other persons, calculating a weight profile for the pool.
What's behind the results? weights the properties of the candidates according to your preferences and their availability in the pool. The ai algorithm calculates the weight profile for the given candidate pool. You can find the weights for your search directly above your candidate list. For example, if salary is 20% and English skills 10%, then salary is considered twice as important for sorting the candidates.
The list below shows the profile of the candidate and their weighted matching values. You also see if a candidate is best in a skill or property, e.g. 'Best English skills'. also identifies 'hidden champions' - candidates that may be missed otherwise. On the other hand, if a candidate's skills are deemed not so relevant, then he/she gets the label 'overrated'.
How does work for my application? adapts to your preferences and to your candidate pool. Hence, with you get a candidate list perfectly matching your industry and business.